At Aerocon Geospatial Services, we deliver solutions. Our specialized geospatial services support projects of every size and scope. To find solutions to land management and development problems, you need comprehensive geospatial data including precision aerial photography, digital topographic mapping, and orthophotography.

Aerocon Geospatial Services provides Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing technology solutions for private, commercial, government and industrial organizations. Aerocon was founded in 1967 with one goal: to provide high quality, comprehensive geospatial services with excellent customer service.

Our commitment to that founding goal – and to our clients – has made Aerocon a trusted provider of geospatial services. Our talented staff of experienced photogrammetrists, geographers, analysts, pilots, and aerial photographers manage and execute projects large and small. Our clients trust us to bring in their projects on-time and on-budget.

Aerocon specializes in four core services in the aerial photogrammetry space.

Aerial Mapping


LiDAR Scanning

Volumetric Calculations

Our core mapping services translate well to these applications where we have years of experience and expertise you can trust.

Civil Engineering



Land Development


Environmental Mapping





Parks and Recreation

Asset Management

Prein & Newhof

"Our companies have been working together for over 10 years and have gross receipts in excess of 1 million dollars. The service and support we receive is second to none!"

Grand Rapids, MI & Kalamazoo, MI

Thomas Fok & Associates, Limited

"Thomas Fok & Associates has been completely satisfied with Aerocon’s performance, and can recommend them without hesitation."

Youngstown, OH

City of Saginaw

"I would encourage any governmental or private concern requiring the use of aerial photography to consider Aerocon in their respective procurement process for professional services."


Benton Charter Township

"I am completely satisfied with the product provided for the township, and also highly recommend the company based on their assistance even after the project was complete. Denny Sauers and Mark Hammond have gone out of their way to assist Benton Charter Township even after all the bills were paid."


Steve Smyers Golf

"I compliment your work. Your compilation of so much information, in the clear and workable drawing file you created, is laudable. I wish that all the “base” drawing files we receive were as well-prepared as your drawing. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to any client."

Course Architects , Lakeland, FL

Charter Township of Grand Blanc

"I recommend Aerocon Photogrammetric Services Inc to all who value quality and accuracy in their digital orthophotography projects."