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Services: Volumetric Calculations

Volumetric calculations of stockpiled material (coal, aggregate, wood chips, or earth work) by photogrammetric methods are a very accurate and fast way to determine the quantity of material stored.

For 40 years, Aerocon has been working with clients to furnish utility, aggregate, coal, public works, and cut/fill calculations. Our commitment to meeting the tight schedules of flying the aerial photography and delivering the completed results to our clients within a short time frame is reflected in the long- term relationship we have had with many of our clients.

The start of each project begins with a pre-scheduled low-altitude flight of the aerial photography which is usually scheduled to take place on a specific date and within a specific time frame. After the flight, the client is notified as to the exact time and date that the photography was taken. In some cases, 9”x 9” contact prints of the aerial photography are sent to the client the following day for the identification of material limits or the identification of the stockpiled materials.

The volume mensuration is performed on analytical softcopy workstations by collecting 3D mass points and breaklines in locations that will define the surface configuration of the stockpiled material.

The surface mass points and breakline data are combined with the base data of each stockpile, and the volume calculation is then performed with terrain modeling software.

In addition to the collection of the 3D data, the planimetric features surrounding the volume survey area are collected or updated for referencing the location of the stockpiled material. Additional elevations are also established photogrammetrically on permanent features surrounding each of the surveyed areas for use with future volume surveys.

The keys to a successful volumetric aerial survey are the scheduling, consistency between surveys, and quality of the survey. At Aerocon, we are committed to this success.


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