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Services: Helicopter Mapping

Although helicopter mapping is more expensive than the typical aerial mapping project, it is much more accurate than conventional aerial mapping. The accuracy is comparable to a field survey, and far less costly.  The solution for good survey information can be helicopter photography flown at a low altitude and slow speed.

The problem with using field surveys to design the reconstruction and improvement of existing roads, highways and airports is that they are dangerous to survey crews and disruptive to the public. There’s also the direct cost of blocking lanes and restricting hours that surveyors can work in high traffic areas.

Helicopter mapping can also provide designers with high-density data in void areas which otherwise may not be surveyed by field methods, leading to better designs and reduced construction overruns.

Helicopter mapping combined with precision control surveying can be used to create photogrammetric products with vertical accuracies of .03’.

The helicopter has been modified so that the aerial camera system is totally enclosed within the aircraft cabin. Unlike competing systems that mount the camera externally, this configuration does not limit the aircraft operation and the camera is accessible and precisely controlled by the photographer.  In addition, temperature extremes, airflow and environmental hazards do not affect the camera system.


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