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Services: Digital Orthophotography

Digital orthophotography provides an enhanced on-screen view of features not captured during traditional mapping operations.

Digital orthophotography process rectifies aerial photographs to remove distortions caused by:

  • The pitch and roll of the aircraft
  • Radial distortion of the camera lens
  • Image displacement due to terrain relief.

Base Mapping for GIS
Digital orthophotograhy has become an accepted base map for geographic information systems for a wide variety of uses, including:

  • GIS base mapping
  • Land use studies
  • Property appraisals

How It Works
A digital orthophoto is a rasterized (scanned) aerial photograph which is fully rectified to remove distortions. The removal of these distortions results in imagery becoming a true-scale representation of the ground, which can be used in a computerized system for measurements of length, area and azimuth.

A photographic image is converted into the form of picture elements (pixels) by using scanners with resolutions of up to 7.5 microns. These gray-scale images are integrated with digital terrain models, camera calibration measurements, ground control surveys and aerial triangulation results. Image processing software removes the displacement and generates an orthoimage file with newly-positioned raster values.


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