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Services: Airborne GPS

Airborne GPS technology significantly reduces the number of ground control points needed for a project. It is an especially valuable tool for controlling projects that have a large number of photographs.

Aerocon records the precise position of each photo center and the exact time of each exposure by utilizing an on-board Global Positioning System unit linked to the aerial camera system, one or two ground GPS units, and satellites that orbit the earth.

We then process the recorded GPS data to establish the true coordinates for each photo center, using Waypoint GrafNav post processing software.

With this data and coordinates provided from ground control points, we perform aerial triangulation to create an accurate control solution for the entire project.  The triangulation is generated at analytical softcopy workstations using INPHO’s Match AT software.

Each of Aerocon’s aircraft is equipped with Ashtech Z-Extreme dual-frequency GPS receivers with centimeter accuracy, and state-of-the-art electronics delivering the highest level of GPS signal reception.  Each aircraft camera center and GPS antenna position is meticulously surveyed and certified by a registered professional surveyor as to the true offset difference to be used in the calculation of the GPS data.

Additionally, each aircraft is equipped with a GPS-controlled Track’Air flight management system, exposing each aerial photo at the proper pre-planned photo center and assuring the proper photo altitude and coverage while using the minimum amount of film.


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